Most people have never heard of emergency loans for the unemployed. Many think it is just an urban myth. But they are real and available. They are not for everyone and should only be used for true emergencies.

So how can you get an emergency loan with no job?

To get any loan, especially a payday loan, you need some sort of income. Most people do not consider their unemployment checks as income, but of course, it is. Many unemployed people have small secondary incomes to try to make ends meet. Maybe a part-time job allows them to remain qualified for unemployment while finding the replacement job they need.

Whatever the…

A short definition of a $100 loan

A $100 loan is usually a payday loan that most people can qualify for even with poor credit. It is intended as an emergency loan only and not for casual spending. This type of loan is paid back within 30 days, often on the borrower’s next pay date.

What are the options to get a 100 dollar loan?

Traditional lending institutions will not provide small-dollar loans. Some states allow auto title loans, but the auto is collateral, and risking the loss of a car for a $100 loan never makes sense.

The best way to get the $100 that is needed right away is to find some things to sell…

What are emergency payday loans?

Emergency payday loans are what the name implies. They are short-term loans that should only be taken out in emergency situations. They are not financial tools for everyday expenses except in emergencies.

Most people should consider other lending options first, asking family and friends, or even selling off unused items for cash.

Benefits of emergency same day payday loans

There are many articles that say you should never consider a payday loan. But there are circumstances that could actually benefit someone. For example, if your electrical service is about to get shut off, the cost of an emergency payday loan, although high, will be far less than…

What are 1-hour payday loans?

One-hour payday loans refer to loans that you can apply for and get a loan approval or denial in 1 hour or less. Generally, the entire process of requesting a payday loan has just 3 steps:

  1. Complete a short, online loan request form in 2–5 minutes
  2. Submit your loan request in seconds
  3. Get an approval or denial in another 90 seconds or less.

If your request is approved, you should plan on another 15–20 minutes talking with your lender. At this time, the lender must review the terms and conditions of the loan offer with you and answer any questions…

What are no teletrack payday loans?

No teletrack payday loans are a common type of payday loan. The distinguishing factor with them is that requesting a loan does not include the use of specialized teletrack systems. Teletrack systems are used by virtually all traditional lenders like banks and credit card companies. The teletrack systems obtain your hard credit scores from the 3 main credit bureaus.

Many people do not want a lender to use these systems because they can hurt your credit score even if you are not approved for the loan.

Payday loans from direct lenders do not use teletrack systems. This is because more…

With so many unemployed or furloughed across the country, many people need a 1000 dollar loan.

$1000 Payday Loan

What is a 1000 dollar loan?

A $1000 loan is a simple, short term loan to handle any emergency expenses. A $1000 loan can be one of 2 kinds of loans. In some states, you can get a $1000 payday loan that is paid back within a month or from your next paycheck. In most states, a $1000 loan is considered an installment loan. The difference? …

The odds of a recession, if we are not already in one, are likely as the COVID-19 pandemic puts a major stress on our economy. It is already bad news for American workers, with millions of jobs already lost. More jobs will probably be lost before we see a turnaround and reopening of the country.

Layoff During Corona Crisis

Most workers will not receive severance pay but will get some money from the government programs currently being offered. And, unemployment benefits will assist millions. But these programs do not stop the negative financial impact that most people will feel.

Our American life has come…

There are many factors in planning for retirement and it would take a book to explore them all. But let’s go over some common retirement planning myths.

Retirement Planning Myths

Retirement Planning Myth #1- It will be easier to wait and save when I earn more

The problem with this statement is that saving for retirement is a habit we must form. Delaying your savings habit will likely result in little to no savings at all…where most Americans find themselves when they retire.

You make think it will be easier to save for retirement when you are older but you are assuming you will earn more and have no more expense. Just think of the incredible rise in health…

Salary vs. Hourly Pay

Salary vs. Hourly Pay: Is one better than the other?

Most jobs in America have rules associated with them that are governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Based on these rules, jobs are categorized as either exempt or nonexempt. Exempt employees are Salary employees who do not receive overtime pay. Nonexempt employees receive overtime wages, which are 1.5 times your regular pay rate per hour. Overtime applies if you work more than 40 hours in a single workweek.

Exempt/Salaried Status

What criteria would designate you as an exempt employee? There are some variations in these criteria but, generally, you have to make at least $455 per week (which is $23,660 per…

Emergency Loans During Corona Crisis

What are the types of emergency loans and where can people get them during COVID-19?

Emergency loans generally fall into 2 categories: payday loans and installment loans. They vary in their cost and length of loan as well as the qualifications a person must meet to qualify for either of them. Bank loans, credit cards, family, and friend loans, etc. are available to some and should be considered first choice for those that can get them.

What are some examples of emergency loans along with their pros and cons and how people can obtain them?

The 2 categories mentioned above are the most common form of emergency loans.

Payday loans are fee-based, short term loans with fast payback times, usually 1 month or less. They also are small loans, $500 is the maximum allowed…

Robin Williams

Robin Williams is an Executive at, a reputable financial services company that helps consumers tide over their short-term financial crises.

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